How the FBA Candidate Ajay Abraham experienced his internship at ESSMA

Ajay Abraham, a Candidate of the FBA Professional Master in Football Business, successfully completed his internship at ESSMA as part of the FBA Professional Master in Football BusinessThe FBA, an ESMMA Partner, offers its students a Professional Master in Football Business with the objective to deliver them all the necessary tools and an optimal learning environment in order to succeed in the passionate and dynamic football industry.

"The practical experience that I have gained from my time at ESSMA, I am sure will help me in my journey forward."

Every organisation works differently and so does the exposure and experience one gets during his or her tenure with that organisation. As a person who values knowledge more than anything, ESSMA was the perfect fit for me. The profile I was offered during my internship was Research, something that I constantly enjoy doing. 

At ESSMA, I have been able to develop my knowledge about what clubs and federations are looking at, to better optimise their stadium operations. I was surprised by the different questions received via the Ask ESSMA service and it honestly had me feeling ‘‘Wow!’’. To have contributed to the research desks of some very interesting topics for fantastic clubs across Europe, I feel a sense of satisfaction that, “Yes, I have contributed an idea that will help them grow one day”. The feedback that I have received from everyone at the office has helped me sharpen my skills and gain valuable new ones. For me, this has been a learning experience that I will keep close to my heart always.

The practical experience that I have gained from my time at ESSMA, I am sure will help me in my journey forward. I would like to thank all my colleagues at ESSMA and The FBA Family for providing me with this opportunity. Looking forward to positively making a difference to the football industry.


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