Industry update: developments in fan experience and other expert areas

Read more on the stadium experience for players in LaLiga while playing matches behing closed doors and the annual fan survey of KNVB.

Fan experience & Hospitality

  • An original marketing action was spotted at Bayern Leverkusen. The club launched an initiative where fans can buy the new season shirt without seeing it! Fans who decide to this blind purchase receive a 20% reduction

  • As also LaLiga had to restart with matches behind closed doors, they partnered with VIZRT and EA Sports to provide home viewers the best experience technology has to offer today. Virtual stands were introduced to help viewers have an experience similar to the one they had before the pandemic.
  • KNVB, the Dutch league, has conducted its annual fan survey amongst the Dutch Eredivisie football fans. Findings do differ according to age. For example, 89% of general fans is content with the level of information they receive, the age group +25 yo prefers information via email, where youngsters are more Instagram-only minded (59%).

  • Autograph Sound has joined forces with QPR to create a new sound experience in stadiums. That way, not only viewers at home, but also the players on the field can experience simulated crowd noises, pumping out club-specific sons from particular sections of the ground.

Partner webinar on the impact of COVID-19 on stadium designs

  • How will COVID19 affect Stadium Designs, both existing and yet to be designed? Which are the key aspects we should focus on to bring our fans back to the Stadium in full safety? Are major renovations required at this point in time and in the near future? Is technology the only thing we should care about, and the solution to all those problems? IDOM Consulting Engineering Architecture will present a holistic approach to the matter on Monday July 20th, together with some recent ESSMA findings. Be sure not to miss out and register now.

Operations & Ticketing

  • Keyper believes personalized tickets can be part of the solution to invite fans back to the stadium. Keyper already developed a temporary database to make it possible, it the privacy regulation permits this evolution.
  • Real Madrid CF announced an expansive omnichannel retail program, inclusive of an all-new official online store, the relaunch of three official stores in Madrid, and a new Flagship Megastore at the Estadio Santiago BernabĂ©u. Real Madrid has partnered with Legends, a premium experiences company with global expertise across merchandising, sales, partnerships, planning, technology, and hospitality, to manage all merchandise operations. This new partnership will further develop relationships with fans and deliver a seamless experience that represents the Real Madrid brand.

Safety & Security

  • CAF, FIFA, WHO and SGSA held a joint safety and security meeting to review the impact of COVID-19 on African Football. Future possible regulations for the return to the stadiums was discussed and insights were shared from the return of the Premier League. Over 80 participants were present, and the CAF will continue to work with all stakeholders to monitor the situation across Africa.