Industry update: more on broadcasting, development & operations

Read more on broadcasting in Allsvenskan, the start-up challenge of Athletic Bilbao, data collecting in Eredivisie and more in ESSMA’s industry update.

Operations & Ticketing

  • For the first half of the competition, Allsvenskan calculated that their broadcasting reach increased by over 65% compared to previous seasons, partly as a result due to COVID-19. 

  • Bath Rugby is working with ESSMA Corporate Partner 3D Digital Venue to assist with the reopening of their stadium. The Social Distance Editor, created by 3D Digital Venue, helps to manage the ongoing problems of social distance seating each venue has, adapting to the venue's design while providing clubs with a great brand image in terms of crisis management.

Development & Construction

  • Feyenoord Rotterdam and Stadion Feijenoord are working on the final phase of their new stadium project with the technical design. The goal is to inaugurate the new stadium in 2025.

Fan Experience & Hospitality

  • During the first match of the new season RKC Waalwijk played with a unique ‘thank you’ jersey. With the jersey, the club wants to thank everyone in their battle against COVID-19. 

General News

  • Startups from around the world have the opportunity to join the Smart Solutions for Smart Destinations Challenge of Athletic Bilbao. The challenge aims at finding innovative products and solutions that can make the stadium a central part of new tourist experiences for the local province of Biscay. 

  • Eredivisie is making a fresh step in collecting and sharing sporting data relating to Eredivisie matches. Tracking and event data will be supplemented with special video footage and all data will be brought together on a central analysis platform.

  • LaLiga launches two innovative projects which will be implemented in the 2020/21 season: LaLiga Training Hub and the Academy Management and Control Software. LaLiga Training Hub is a multidisciplinary and exclusive training programme for professionals who make up the different sporting areas (both male and female) of LaLiga clubs, which will run throughout the season with monthly intensive sessions. While the Academy Management and Control Software, designed and built entirely by LaLiga (with the expertise of the sporting projects department and the development of the technology department), is a comprehensive management platform for football academies.