Industry update: more on development, safety & fan experience

Read more on the development plans of Excelsior Rotterdam, 5G at Allianz Arena, new safety guidelines by SGSA and more in ESSMA’s industry update.

Construction & Development

  • Excelsior Rotterdam presented the development plan for the renovation of its Van Donge and De Roo Stadion to the city council of Rotterdam. The renovation and expansion will increase the stadium capacity from approximately 4,300 to 6,500. In addition, extra facilities for commercial and social purposes will be created.

Fan Experience & Hospitality

  • FC Bayern München and Telekom integrated 5G at Allianz Arena. A total of eleven 5G antennas in and around the stadium ensure the best network quality in Allianz Arena. This new mobile connection makes it possible to transmit larger amounts of data more quickly - almost in real time. As soon as the stadium reopens, every visitor will now have the capacity to upload multiple pictures or videos.

  • As the Bundesliga has started again, Bayer 04 created a banner with pictures of their fans to fill the empty seats.

  • Visually impaired Borussia Mönchengladbach fans can follow all outstanding home matches of the season via blind reporting. Three volunteer commentators use the provided headphones to describe the game scenes and provide them with the atmosphere in the stadium.

Safety & Security

  • SGSA released a new guidance in relation to the key safety considerations for football grounds without spectators. The guidance covers a number of issues including: General Safety Certificates, such as a standard condition for insertion into certificates, safety and security considerations, medical and first aid provision, health and safety at work as well as media provision.

Download the guidelines

COVID-19 initiatives:

  • Real Bétis will resume the competition with a special jersey designed and selected by their fans. The campaign is in honour of the current pandemic heroes.

  • Applause To Infinity, an initiative led by LaLiga pays a tribute to the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic: health workers, law enforcement personnel, and all those who have continued to work during the lockdown. The 20th minute of every game, the applause will be heard through the stadium speakers. Fans can upload their applause via