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Industry update: more on the 2020 European Cup finals, construction and Fan Experience

Read more on a museum for Olympique Lyonnais, fan experience at KV Kortrijk, Royal Antwerp FC and RSC Anderlecht, the 2020 European Cup finals host venues and the Rugby Top 14 Championship in this short industry update by ESSMA.

Fan Experience & Hospitality 

  • Olympique Lyonnais Museum has officially been inaugurated. The main goal of the new museum was to make a public project in which everyone should find a story that touches them and to showcase the club’s rich history.

Sustainability & SMART

  • Construction of Johan Cruijff ArenA’s 3MW battery storage centre, with used Nissan LEAF batteries, has started. By the end of June, they hope to implement the energy storage system. If necessary, the stadium will be able to connect to the Dutch power grid and supply energy to the city.

Host venues 2020 European Cup finals

  • The 76,000-capacity AtatĂĽrk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul (Turkey) has been elected to host the2020 UEFA Champions League final. The stadium has been designed by ESSMA Corporate Partner, SCAU.
  • The host venue of the 2020 UEFA Europa League will be Arena GdaĹ„sk, home of Lechia GdaĹ„sk’s. The 45,000 seats capacity stadium hosted 4 games during Euro 2012.
  • Estádio do DragĂŁo, home of FC Porto, will be the host venue for the 2020 UEFA Super Cup final. On 22-23 January 2019, the stadium will host the 5th ESSMA Summit.
  • The 2020 UEFA Women’s Champions League will be played at Austria Arena. The home of Austria Wien has a capacity of 13,000.

Corporate News

  • During the final stages of the Top 14 Rugby Championship, VOGO SPORT Live & Replay has been integrated in the LNR App giving fans the opportunity to see replays and slow-motion repeats. Furthermore, during the final, their technology will be made available for the match medics.
  • From the 2018-2019 season, KV Kortrijk and Royal Antwerp FC will implement iXpole’s full self-service portal for ticketing and add-on B2B services. To enhance the overall service level and to give its business partners more flexibility regarding e-ticketing and e-invites.

  • RSC Anderlecht have invested in a new cashless payment system. Following the partnership with Playpass, fans will be able to use the cashless payment card for F&B and in the fan shop.
  • The façade membrane of the Al Bayt Stadium is made from a unique construction material, polytetrafluorethylene (PTFE). It is named Bayt Line, after the stadium, and has been made by ESSMA’s Corporate Partner, Serge Ferrari.

Pitch Management

  • The retractable pitch of the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has been successfully added to the construction side. Once completed, it will take around 25 minutes to slide out the second pitch.