Industry update: more on stadium operations, safety & technology

Read more on how London Stadium is turning cashless, 5G implementations at FC Basel 1893, the new operations platform of 24/7 Software and more in ESSMA’s industry update.

Operations & Ticketing

  • London Stadium is offering a fully cashless experience for fans returning to the venue. Features will include the venue adopting a fully ‘cashless’ experience, allowing a convenient and contactless point of payment, ensuring the latest hygiene and social distancing measures can be incorporated into retail and refreshment purchases.

  • ESSMA Stadium Partner, 24/7 Software, launched their All-New Platform that can help venue operators centralise operations with one completely configurable system. The system offers an improved user experience, faster performance built on top of Amazon Web Services (AWS), additional real-time communications capabilities on mobile, and upgraded self-designed reporting & analytic.

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Fan Experience & Hospitality

  • The St. Jabok Park of FC Basel 1893 is turning more and more into a smart stadium. Fans present on matchdays will be able to enjoy a new feature in the club’s app, the CamCheck. This enables fans to choose from four different camera positions and watch scenes live or scroll back a few minutes and watch them in replay from a multi-angle perspective or slow-motion. CamCheck is active at all home matches and is available live via the stadium Wi-Fi and a 5G network throughout St. Jakob Park.

Safety & Security

  • Learn more on how ESSMA Corporate Partner, EVAGUIDE, is helping to create safe venues in COVID-19 times. Their research focuses on intelligent evacuation systems, COVID-19 regulations, social distancing and auditing measures.