Industry update: stadium projects and the metaverse

Read up on the latest projects in the European stadium industry!

Development & Construction

  • AS Roma continues to struggle on the new stadium project, which would seat 45,000 at least. As the current stadium is very difficult to adapt to the club’s needs, a move seems the best option. However, to realize a move towards the envisioned site, a new zoning plan is mandatory. Therefore re-vamping the Stadio Olimpico remains a viable plan on the table.

  • Qatar 2022: fully demountable stadium is ready. The arena is a modular structure that can be seen by some as a giant Lego set. This type of solution ensures lower construction costs and a temporary nature of the venue. After the tournament, the venue will be demolished and the components will be used in other sports building projects. The land will be cleaned and turned into green areas.

  • Real Madrid’s Bernabéu closed on March 1st 2020, to enable a thorough reconstruction. Although there is still 18 months to go, the first results become apparent. The most spectacular technical solution so far seems the retractable pitch. The capacity will increase towards 89,000 by 2023 and various multifunctional facilities will be part of the stadium.

Operations & Ticketing

  • Standard Liège installed UV-C lighting - produced by our partner Signify - in the changing rooms of the players, both in the stadium and training center. The goal is to tackle COVID-19 by disinfecting the air and reduce the chances for contamination withing the player’s group.

Fan experience & Hospitality

  • Manchester City is taking its first steps into the metaverse! The plan is to digitally recreate the Etihad Stadium. The virtual Etihad Stadium will not only be a realistic rendering of the venue. It will also be a point of access to unique virtual experiences for fans, including next-generation interactive loyalty programs and the ability for users to customize their avatars.


Safety & Security

  • Recently, a large survey in the UK revealed fans are calling for more safety measures for women and girls in stadium areas. Top of the list of safety features that influences the perceived safety of stadiums and arenas upon arrival are ‘door entry control’ with 50% of respondents choosing this option. Next in order are uniformed staff at 49%; clearly marked fire exits and staff controlling rowdy crowds both 45%; and the venue being well-lit 44%