Innovation, Sustainability and Quality as strategic pillars of Amsterdam ArenA

Amsterdam ArenA will host our SMART and Sustainability Workshop organised on 18 and 19 April. During the two-day workshop, the team of Amsterdam ArenA will share in-depth how they handle energy storage at the stadium and will guide participants around the stadium with an ‘into the future’ tour.

The Amsterdam ArenA is one of the key European stadiums regarding innovation and sustainability and are climate-neutral in terms of energy with innovation, sustainability and quality as strategic pillars.  

“Our ambition is to be the most innovative stadium in the world by 2020, partly because we are one of the hosting cities for the European Championships in that year. This is an enormous break in the trend within our market: we are not focusing on expanding our stadium, which is the norm, but on innovation.”

Henk van Raan, Chief Innovation Officer Amsterdam ArenA

An overview of the SMART and sustainable projects at Amsterdam Arena:

  • Over 4,200 solar panels on the roof
  • Own windmill in Oudendijk, that delivers green energy
  • 10% of the energy derives from solar panels and the other 90% derives from their windmill
  • They maintain the pitch with rainwater that has been collected from the roof
  • LED Philips lighting to save energy
  • Sustainable heating to keep the pitch frost free
  • Sensors to enable data-driven management and maintenance 
  • Waste sorting
  • Energy-efficient catering
  • In 2017, Amsterdam ArenA established its own energy company, the Amsterdam Energy Arena
  • The stadium has a storage battery of 4 megawatt, built with 280 recycled Nissan Leaf batteries
  • Smart Travel for visitors with Mobility Portal and train discounts
  • Collaboration with strategic partners on innovation and sustainability
  • Reuse of old stadium seats on behalf of the Ajax Foundation
  • Charging point in car park for electric cars to recharge and supply energy
  • Dressing rooms and offices are cooled with water from the Oudekerkplas

Interested to learn more about sustainability at the Amsterdam ArenA? Register now for our SMART & Sustainability Workshop on 18 and 19 April.

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