Integrated Grow Lighting System at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur FC, in partnership with SGL (an ESSMA Stadium Partner), SCX and Hewitt Sportsturf, have developed an integrated pitch grown lighting system at their new stadium.

The system enables full pitch lighting at once, without putting any pressure on the pitch. Furthermore, the integrated units are lifted hydraulically one by one from the custom designed storage facility underneath the North Stand, onto rails that are mounted permanently on the East and West pitch trays. From there the units will be driven to their designated position. Whenever all six integrated units are in position it is possible to fully cover the pitch with the HPS grow lights. Each individual integrated unit is divided into six lighting groups that are managed to be switched on and off independently from each other to treat specific high wear areas.

“We are proud that a collaborative approach between the Club, SGL, SCX and Hewitt Sportsturf has resulted in an innovative design. The Club is striving for excellence throughout the stadium and this technology could be a trendsetter for pitch care in stadiums across the world.”

Darren Baldwin, Head of Playing Surfaces and Estates at Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium will use SGL's complete pitch management system, which consist of 4 product types that are all connected to each other. The SGL Analyser system measures all pitch and growth conditions 24/7 and displays this data to the groundsmen on the online Portal. The SGL algorithm processes all available data, performs calculations and converts these into analyses, forecasts and usage advice, which are automatically displayed on the SGL Portal as well. Based on these, the SGL agronomists provide tailor made and personal advice to the groundsmen and stadium management on grass management and the usage of the Integrated Grow Light System and the other SGL products, combined with cost efficiency. The grounds team can then make the best decisions regarding their pitch maintenance.

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