Interview: Pre-cabling Allianz Stadium to combine the needs of TV broadcasters and optimal sponsor visibility

ESSMA interviewed Francesco Gianello, Head of Stadium at Juventus FC regarding matchday and non-matchday operations at Allianz Stadium, the broadcasting opportunities, why they invested in pre-cabling the stadium and the benefits on matchdays.

Why did Juventus FC invest in pre-cabling the stadium?

The idea for Juventus to have a pre-cabled stadium was to be able to offer a product that was combining the needs of TV broadcasters and the necessity of having maximum visibility for our sponsors on the pitch and in media areas. When the stadium was designed, we combined these two needs and decided to developed our own TV production for our home games. We hired a Broadcasting Manager who coordinates the activity of external services and assists host broadcasters during Champions League games. The main goal is to have an efficient system that will always be valuable, flexible and under continuous development.

Is it a leverage to have an internal broadcasting team towards traditional broadcasters?

Broadcasters coming to Allianz Stadium only need to bring a few metres of cable to connect their trucks to our main control room. The broadcasting operations are faster and less time consuming than before and are more reliable since we constantly control, monitor and check our equipment. We are convinced that it’s an added value for the club and a leverage towards traditional broadcasters.


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