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Interview: US Sassuolo’s Mapei Football Center

US Sassuolo recently officially opened its new training center, Mapei Football Center. The 45,000 m2 complex includes facilities for the first team, the youth teams and the supporting administrative services of US Sassuolo.


ESSMA interviewed Alberto Cosmelli and Elisa Portigliatti, both Mapei representatives and ESSMA Stadium Partners, about the construction of US Sassuolo’s new training centre and their involvement in the project as part of ESSMA's Stadium Development Report Issue 2 2019.


Which facilities are present at the training centre?

The new training complex features 3 full size pitches and 1 half-size pitch, plus 2 smaller pitches, which were renovated and annexed to the training center. In addition to the training pitches, the centre includes a covered stand with 170 seats, two minor service buildings and one main building which is positioned between two of the full-size pitches. The main building consists of 3 floors which were aesthetically designed to reflect the separate functions that were given to each floor.

How was Mapei involved in the project?

Mapei supported both Onsitestudio, an architectural firm that designed the project, and the involved General Contractor with sustainable and high-performance solutions to the challenges they faced during this project. Specifically, for Mapei Football Center, the Sports System Technology Team provided cutting-edge technical solutions for the building including:

  • Spraying and long lasting colored concrete protection coatings
  • Flexible and sprayable waterproofing membranes
  • No-pip drainage system for hybrid and artificial turf pitches



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The full interview about the Mapei Football Center is available on the ESSMA Knowledge Platform.