KRC Genk’s UK Training Centers Visit supported by ESSMA

Earlier this year in February, ESSMA supported KRC Genk during a Training Center Tour in the United Kingdom. A delegation from the Belgian national champion visited the training centers of Liverpool FC, Burnley FC and Stoke City FC to gather more inspiration and best practices for the development of their own new training complex in the future.

“In order to understand the flow and needs of a modern training centre, we wanted to learn as much as possible from other facilities both in Belgium and abroad. Thanks to our ESSMA Membership, we have been able to exchange knowledge from our peers at Liverpool FC, Stoke City and Burnley FC. This tour has provided us with more insights into the layout of our future training centre, which will have a major impact on the progress of our project.”

Kobe Schepers, Stadium Manager at KRC Genk

A delegation of KRC Genk learning for the Liverpool FC staff.

Learn more about the facilities of Melwood and Kirkby-, Clayton Wood- and Barnfield training center in ESSMA’s Stadium Development Report Issue 1 2020.

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