Learnings on NFT’s and blockchain technology from the e-Workshop

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On 22 February our e-Workshop on NFT’s and blockchain technology took place. Together with Mr. Manu Leroy (RBFA), Mr. Nick Verheyen (Fortuna Sittard) and Mr. Luca Baldanza (AC Milan) we discovered lots of possibilities and challenges in the use of these innovations. You can watch the full e-Workshop here!

Future integrations of blockchain technology

The RBFA was the first federation of which the players of both the national team and the league-teams were available as digital collectibles on Sorare. They remain interested in the possibilities of new technologies and will likely continue to cautiously investigate other potential uses of blockchain technology.

“We have been looking at several new possibilities on the market. There’s the possibility of fan tokens for example. We looked at it, but ultimately decided not to do it due to our own ethical perspective.

To buy fan tokens, fans must first buy crypto coins, which are known for volatility, and we don’t want our fans to lose money over something our name has been attached to.

But we could see other uses of blockchain technology being integrated in the future. Blockchain ticketing or digital sports memorabilia for example.

But whatever we would do in the future we always want it to be sustainable and add value for our fans.”

Manu Leroy, Marketing and Communications director – RBFA

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Fan Tokens: a good way to engage with loyal supporters

Fortuna Sittard, the first Dutch team to introduce fan tokens, explained how the innovation helped them to engage with their fans.

“Not only was the Fan token a success revenue wise, it was sold out in less than 3 hours, but it also helped to stimulate fans to be more engaged with the club. During the launch, 100.000 coins were made available for purchase with a maximum of 10 coins per fan, meaning that we reached more than 10.000 fans through this launch!”

Nick Verheijen, Marketing manager – Fortuna Sittard

Launching your own NFT or fan token? Advice from a pioneer

“If you want to start with fan tokens, search for the right partner to create a good fit with your club. The pre-screening for legitimate partners is crucial. The most important thing is that you should create added value for your community and keep interacting with your fans. In that way these innovations can bring added value to your clubs’ entire ecosystem.”

Luca Baldanza, Head of media sales – AC Milan