Legia Warsaw’s digital transformation approach

During ESSMA’s Fan Experience Workshop, Adam Piotrowicz - Director of Digital at Legia Warsaw - shared the club’s approach towards digital transformation and which tools they are using to improve fan engagement and data collection.


As the expectations of modern football fans change, clubs need to constantly improve themselves, stay up-to-date and offer their fan the right type of content.The modern football fan’s content consumption is driven by mobility. These fans want their football content mix on their terms, seeking it during the moments that matter. In addition, they want:

  • More access to behind-the-scenes content
  • Club owned news channels
  • Content at any time and on any device
  • To be part of the action
  • To feel that they are appreciated on an individual level


“The goal is to create a fan experience before, during and after the match, integrating touchpoints between the club and the fans.”



According to Mr. Piotrowicz, Legia Warsaw is facing four main challenges. First of all, they have to understand their fans with a correct and up-to-date fan segmentation and communication strategy. Another challenge is to build a customer journey map to understand the club’s digital services touchpoints. Furthermore, it is important to engage with their fans and think about their needs and design solutions. A last challenge is to analyse fan engagement for example via a single sign-on login to club services.

Tools for engagement and data collection


“Development of models and tools to engage customers is not only important during matchday. Every touchpoint with the club is an opportunity to collect data, grow value for sponsors and club products.”


Part of Adam Piotrowicz's presentation.


An overview of tools Legia Warsaw has implemented:

  • Simplified CDP (Customer Data Platform) model 
  • Club-owned SSO (Single Sign-On) with a club owned online identity management system
  • Web-based mobile services with club owned media as an alternative to mainstream media e.g. 57% of fans look for statistics during the game 
  • Club community mobile apps: only accessible for registered users
  • Chatbots: to drive engagement with quizzes and games, news updates, automated FAQ answers, etc.
  • WiFi in the stadium
  • Video / OOT (Over-the-top media) : Subscription models to monetise content on club platforms and teasing via social media channels

“We serve people, not screens.”

Main takeaways:

  • Listen to your fans and make sure you offer them a personalised communication approach


  • The right tools can efficiently improve data gathering


  • The importance of not only engaging your fans during matchday but also on non-matchday


  • Every touchpoint with the club is an opportunity to collect data and to grow value for both the club and their partners


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