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Livestream and highlights of the ESSMA Spotlight session on multifunctionality and flex offices

For our third ESSMA Spotlight session we were joined by Koen van Loon - Operator KICK Offices at PSV - and Jaap van Baar - Finance Manager at PSV - to discuss the flexible workspaces at Philips Stadion. Furthermore, Paul Turner shared his insights on the multifunctionality of US venues.

How to operate flexible workspaces in a stadium

With the aim of creating an additional revenue stream as well as increasing the use of the stadium during the day, PSV and KRAGT developed a shared workspace called KICK Offices inside Philips Stadion. Koen van Loon shared with us the following tips about developing a shared workspace:

  • Provide at least 1000 m², preferably in one open area.

  • Define your ideal tenant, assuming most of your tenants will come from the surrounding areas.

  • Create a workspace specifically for your ideal tenant. This will improve the connection with the shared workspace.

  • Provide sufficient meeting places such as a cafeteria and a seating area.

  • Provide a connection to the outside environment. In a stadium this can be the grandstand with a view of the pitch.

  • Facilitate the growth of your tenants by creating workplaces of different sizes, giving companies the flexibility to expand when needed.

“The tenants also make use of the restaurants and bars at the stadium, which generates additional income for the club.” Jaap van Baar - Finance Manager PSV Eindhoven

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Points to consider when creating additional stadium activities

When developing multifunctional rooms, offices or any other activities at your stadium, you need to take into account thecosts for marketing and personnel as well as furniture and other equipment, according to Paul Turner. Furthermore, wear and tear will take place as the stadium will be used more, creating additional maintenance, repairs and workload for stadium operators. Finally, clearly defining roles and responsibilities is important to make sure everything can be operated smoothly.

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This afternoon our fourth ESSMA Spotlight session will start, focussing on mobility. Tiberio Daddi from GOALS will tell us more about mobility at football stadiums from a sustainability point of view. In addition, ESSMA will share the most important results from its latest survey on mobility.

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