Livestream and highlights of ESSMA’s 2021 Multifunctional Hospitality e-Workshop

With premium hospitality bringing in a large percentage of matchday revenue clubs are trying to boost their hospitality experiences aiming to generate more income. During the e-Workshop, we covered several trends on this topic, providing interesting insights.

Creating different experiences for different audiences

According to Royal Antwerp FC, creating many different hospitality concepts specific to different audiences is key. In recent years the club went from 3 hospitality formulas to 7 aiming to deliver different experiences to various target audiences.

“Little upgrades in your hospitality areas every year can make it feel like a new place every time” Dimitri Huygen - Business & Communications Manager at Royal Antwerp FC

More individuals and fewer corporations buy hospitality packages

A trend Arsenal FC sees in hospitality is that more individuals and fewer corporations are buying premium packages. This implies changes in the style of hospitality, becoming more informal, personal and flexible.

Open-fire pizza oven gives Arsenal FC's hospitality revenue a boost

Introducing a new look, an open-fire pizza oven, succulent rotisserie chicken and more in the hospitality area increased consumption of food and beverage by 105%. Fans want to spend time and money in the redeveloped zones, which are now a clear attribute inside Emirates Stadium.

A look inside the redeveloped Dial Square at Emirates Stadium

Insights from the architect panel discussion

Oliver Page (SCAU), Javier Davila (IDOM), Kristy Mitchell (HOK) and Liam Doyle (Populous) discussed several trends, resulting in the following insights:

  • There is no one-size-fits-all solution, each stadium needs to listen to its visitors and create a unique range of hospitality.
  • Non-matchday hospitality is becoming more and more important but matchday hospitality must not be forgotten when designing a stadium.
  • Technology can increase flexibility and can attract the younger generation towards the stadium.

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