Livestream and highlights of ESSMA’s 2021 Return to Stadiums e-Workshop

As everyone is impatiently waiting for fans to return to their stadium, this was the main topic of our latest ESSMA Business Services e-Workshop. During this e-Workshop we focussed on a safe and efficient organisation of matches during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Formula E’s own PCR testing lab

Before entering a Formula E track, testing negative for COVID-19 via a PCR test is mandatory. As getting the results back can take up multiple hours, Formula E decided to build their own laboratory which gives them faster results, meaning staff members can access the venue much quicker.

Dutch test events prove the return of fans can be organised safely

Matthijs Wiersma, Safety & Security Officer at the Royal Dutch FA, joined us to talk about the test events that were held in The Netherlands over the last couple of months. During the interview he shared with us the following learnings:

  • Our test matches proof that with a limited capacity, clubs can safely welcome back their fans

  • The supporters are willing to accept protocols like wearing a face mask, keeping distance and extra hygienic measures.

  • As fans have to test multiple times prior to a match this might have an impact on the willingness of fans to buy a ticket.

“The results of our test events show that if all fans wear masks, the infection risk during a match with a limited number of fans between 50% and 75% of the stadium capacity is almost the same as the risk of infection at home.” Dimitri Bonthuis, Programme Team at Fieldlab Events

How to educate your staff on new measures

Aiming to educate their staff on the most current measures, Cricket Australia decided to work with an educational video for its staff members. All staff members were obligated to watch this video to be able to print out their pass and gain access to the venue via an automated accreditation system. Following a polling during our e-Workshop, we learned that 29% of participants are using a video to educate their staff.

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