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Livestream and highlights from our ESSMA Spotlight session on mobility!

During yesterday’s ESSMA Spotlight session on Fan Services, Tibero Daddi from LifeTackle and GOALS joined us with a story on sustainable mobility at football stadiums. In addition, ESSMA shared several insights on the recent survey on mobility.

What do stadium managers see as the main challenges when improving mobility?

In ESSMA’s latest mobility survey, 22 European stadium managers shared their thoughts on the main challenges to improve mobility at their stadium. They identified these 4 hurdles: 

  • Improving the access routes to your stadium, especially in a densely populated area.

  • Spreading arrival times, although stadium managers have gained experience on this during COVID-19.

  • Providing more parking spaces, both for cars and bicycles

  • Alternative modes of transport aiming to lighten the load on access routes on matchdays.

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Mobility and sustainability

According to Tibero Daddi, leading fans towards a more sustainable mode of transport has a significant impact on a stadium’s carbon footprint. Research at Estádio do Dragão, home of FC Porto, showed that mobility counts for 45% of the organisation’s carbon footprint, compared to energy consumption with 25%, as the second largest component.

“I believe we will see more bikes as a mode of transport in the future, not only to improve sustainability but also to reduce traffic jams” Tibero Daddi from GOALS

Apart from living too far away from the stadium, being afraid the bicycle will be stolen is the biggest factor for not using this mode of transport at Real Betis, a survey amongst its fans showed. The addition of a secure bicycle parking area near the stadium seems the most viable solution to promote cycling to the stadium.

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Join us at 2PM to learn more about technology at Royal Ascot!

The fifth and final session from our ESSMA Spotlight week focusses on the technological implementations at Royal Ascot. As the visitors of the British racecourse often stay at the venue for several hours, technology is used to entertain them throughout their stay.

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