Main challenges of servicing fans as efficiently as possible according to ESSMA’s F&B Benchmark Report

ESSMA recently conducted a survey regarding the current Food & Beverage stadium market. Over 35 clubs and stadiums have contributed to the report. The main topics focus on F&B infrastructure, catering staff, payment methods, queuing, F&B range and data mining.

F&B challenges 

The stadium managers who participated in the survey perceived the following to be the main challenges they face in servicing fans as efficiently as possible:

  • Keeping the staff cost as low as possible, while still keeping enough capable staff to service fans quickly and efficiently
  • Serving the rush of clients/fans during halftime
  • High quality (both in terms of security and user interface) of payment methods
  • Getting the right amount of surface area in the stadium to be dedicated to catering

“According to input from the participating clubs and stadiums in ESSMA's F&B Benchmark: the average stadium has a 33,934 capacity with a total counter of 132.75 meter. In total there are 44 POS available on matchday with on average 8.7 staff per POS. Most complaints stadiums receive are regarding queuing.”

Look into the future

Interested in which technologies, according to stadium managers, are most likely to be introduced in their stadium in the near future? 

Download the F&B report

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