Meet the expert: Teresa Santos, Quality & Environment Manager

ESSMA interviewed Teresa Santos, Quality & Environment Manager at FC Porto about sustainability at Estádio do Dragão. Together with her colleagues, they monitor the energy and water consumption as well as control legislation on a daily basis. Furthermore, they plan and monitor actions and provide continuous training in social responsibility and environment areas in order to change the club’s behaviour and act responsibly.

 Can you explain your waste management process?

Estádio do Dragão has twelve in-house waste centres and one central waste house outside the stadium. On matchdays, the bars recycle everything that can be separated. Furthermore, there are different containers in and around the stadium, in which fans can recycle their waste. Our team handles inspections to guarantee that the recycling is done correctly and effectively. The next step is taking the recycled waste to our twelve in-house waste centres and afterwards to the central waste house outside the stadium where the fine sorting is done by an external partner. 

What are the long-term sustainability goals for the club and the stadium?

Our objectives are to further decrease our negative environmental impact, improve accessibility at the stadium, promote well-being & social inclusion and accomplish our sustainable development objectives.


“One of the most important reasons for clubs to think about sustainability is the large audience football attracts and therefore the potential to reach a lot of fans. Through good practices and adopting sustainable attitude, a club can influence its fans positively and together contribute to a better world together.”

Can you give tips for clubs wanting to start with sustainability?

It’s important that you analyse yourself internally. Identify which are your critical points, which are the most negative impacts and those are the ones, which you must work on and define your action plan. It is also important to know your context and all interested parts, to do an analysis of your risks, opportunities and define an objectives plan.



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