Meet the expert: Viktor Paján, Facility Manager at Ferencvárosi TC

ESSMA interviewed Viktor Paján, Director of FTC-MVM Sports Center, about the training facilities of Ferencsvárosi TC. Together with his colleagues, Viktor is responsible for the maintenance and the investments of the training facilities.

Which facilities are part of the training centre?

There are facilities for 12 different sports available including football, swimming, handball, waterpolo, etc. at FTC-MVM Sports Center. The facilities itself consists of natural and artificial football pitches, a handball arena, swimming pools, a gym, indoor arena for athletes, a running track, etc.

“The main advantage of centralising differents sports in one training centre is the high-level of organisation.”

How many people work in your department? 

In total, over 80 people work at the FTC-MVM Sports Center, divided into smaller teams, to support over 4000 members who are using our training facilities. 



What other training facilities did you visit to draw inspiration from?

With the support of ESSMA we had the opportunity to visit several European training facilities including Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and FC Porto. We’ve learned many best practices during this trip. In addition, I had the opportunity as well to visit several indoor arenas in the US, where I acquired new knowledge regarding technologies, systems, marketing, etc. 

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