New Peterborough United stadium to open in 2023

English League One football club Peterborough United is planning to construct a brand-new stadium as part of the city’s development of the Embankment area.

The transformation of the 90-acre city-centre area includes plans for the new 19,500-seat stadium, along with a new Anglia Ruskin University campus. ESSMA has taken a closer look at the plans and dedicated an article to the new stadium in her Stadium Development Report 4 2020. The new stadium is projected to open by 2023.

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Room for sports and community building

The new stadium is set to have an initial capacity of 19,500, which could be expanded to 23,000. It will focus on an improved fan experience as well as multifunctional, year-round use. The club’s co-owner Stewart Thompson has said that the stadium will have a huge focus on non-football events aiming for 280 functions a year including exhibitions, wedding events and concerts.

“This centre we’re building is not just a stadium. If you think about an inverted triangle, the stadium is at the bottom. At the top you have what’s going on 280 days a year. We’re working with the cultural community; we’re working with the Key Theatre on the other side (of the river). We’ve got community sport - the (new) university is going to be a big user of the stadium, I believe. That means the football component of that community centre is actually quite small.”  states Stewart Thompson, co-owner Peterborough United

Test-bed for new technology

The ambition is to use the club’s new stadium as a hub for testing new technology. The 19.500-capacity stadium could host alternative energies, rehab medicine and advanced digital media. A technology centre would be a key component of the club’s ambitious plans for the stadium and its non-matchday use.

ESSMA will follow closely on the plans and looks forward to the opening in January 2023!

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