No-show behavior as a red flag for future drop in ticket sales

The no-show behavior of season ticket holders is a phenomenon, present in all clubs and stadiums.

Although the majority of clubs register the no-shows, academic research regarding the topic is nevertheless still in its infancy.

Professor Dominik Schreyer of the Otto Beisheim School of Management, has done some first research which indicates the general percentage is around 10%. Today, the no-show behavior is not actively treated by the large majority of stadiums and clubs. It’s thought off as not a high-priority problem, according to Dominik Schreyer. Nevertheless, various negative effects correlate with the no-shows.

Some examples are:

  • lower additional sales on food & beverages
  • discontented broadcasters and sponsors
  • lose of income

Research on this topic is important and should be increased.

ESSMA has launched a survey regarding this behavior to gather enough data to present a first European relevant benchmark. Fill in our survey and help us create the first representative European benchmark.

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