Oliver Page joins the ESSMA Advisory Committee as Corporate Partner representative

As the new representative of the Corporate Partners, Oliver wants to focus on a better understanding of the corporate partner expectations of ESSMA.

 A short interview with the newest member:

ESSMA: how long have you known ESSMA?
Oliver Page: SCAU and myself have been an active member of ESSMA since 2017. Right from the start, we were impressed by the quality of the benchmarking being carried out by ESSMA and the network of club members. Having an in-depth knowledge of future client’s requirements, concerns and desires has always been important for us. Stadium projects are naturally a long process and the field is constantly evolving. By joining ESSMA, we gained a broader vision that we could offer back to our clients.

ESSMA: What made you decide to apply for the position?
Oliver Page: Through the years, we noticed the benefits of the membership. ESSMA offers a unique forum that promotes a knowledge sharing culture between the corporate partners and the clubs. As we have learned a lot from this knowledge sharing ourselves, I would like to work on an even stronger connection between stadium expectations and corporate partner propositions. The more aligned they are, the better the stadium-industry flourishes.

One of my goals is to further push the ‘sharing ethic’ of ESSMA, as we can learn and develop quicker and stronger through collaboration even if we are, sometimes, ‘competitors’. – Oliver Page.

What three words would you use to describe ESSMA?
Oliver Page: Difficult question! I think ‘open, inclusive and curious’ sums it up best!

Oliver Page will be replacing Stéphanie Porchet, who has chosen another career path outside the stadium industry. He has been elected with 50% of the votes by the ESSMA Corporate Partner community.

Who is SCAU?

SCAU is a Paris based international architecture practice established nearly 50 years ago. We have extensive experience across the field of architecture including sports, health and education projects as well as retail, offices and housing. Past projects by SCAU include the Stade de France, the Vélodrome for Marseille and the Olympic Stadium in Turkey. SCAU are currently working on the new Olympic Arena for Paris and the Club Brugge stadium. You can find more information on https://essma.eu/members/industry-suppliers/scau

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