Overview ESSMA Stadium and Corporate Partner webinars

Several of our industry suppliers are launching/have launched webinars to stay in touch with their network and share insights. ESSMA has selected some webinars which are relevant for our industry. Don't hesitate to join when interested!

Matchday evacuation procedures by EVAGUIDE  

Although stadiums are currently looking at organising games without spectators, everyone hopes to welcome fans back as soon as possible. When doing so, safety and security measures will be followed-up stricter as ever. Evacuation procedures are of course a vital component in this approach. Although, only a minority of clubs have had a (partial) evacuation at their stadium.

On 9 July, EVAGUIDE is organising its first webinar where different experts including Ken Scott from SGSA will share insights on evacuation procedures and the EVAGUIDE platform.

9 July at 11AM CET

Using technology to safely re-open your stadium by Genetec 

On 16 July, Genetec will discuss the impact of the pandemic in the sports entertainment industry and the new challenges of welcoming fans and matchday operations.

With breakthroughs in technology such as CCTV and contactless access, Willem Hegen - Crowd Services Manager at Johan Cruijff ArenA - and Enzo Signore - CMO at Quanergy - will share their suggestions on how to leverage technology in preparation of re-opening our stadiums.

16 July at 10AM GMT

How will COVID-19 affect stadium design by IDOM 

With competitions resuming without fans and behind closed doors, few stadiums are already taking steps to adapt their stadium infrastructure today. Nevertheless, it is a real challenge, one we should face in a next step of life after the pandemic.

How will COVID-19 affect stadium designs, both existing and yet to be designed? Which are the key aspects we should focus on to bring our fans back to the stadium in full safety? Are major renovations required at this point in time and in the near future? Is technology the only thing we should care about, and the solution to all those problems?

Join the webinar to know about the latest findings from ESSMA on these topics ahead of a COVID-19 report, and for a holistic approach to stadium design conditions to be considered after the pandemic from IDOM Consulting Engineering Architecture.

20 July at 11AM CET


Together with their guests, SGL will debate tough dilemmas and share amusing anecdotes. SGL LIVE #3 will focus on turfgrass stress and the technology and usage of the TC50. Experienced TC50 users will talk about how creating air circulation and cooling down the surface during high temperatures helps them prevent plant stress in summer.

17 July at 1PM (GMT+1)

An overview of several initiatives our Stadium and Corporate Partners have launched in the past months.