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PerfectID joins the ESSMA-community!

PerfectID joins the ESSMA-community!

We are happy to inform you that PerfectID is now part of our broad stadium-industry community.

PerfectID, a Belgian Tech company, is one of Europe’s leading providers in biometric technology and access control solutions. Palmki, the brand of PerfectID, offers quick and user-friendly authentication by the palm. You just scan your hand by keeping it in front of the sensor and the system checks if you are registered yes or no.

Marc Strackx, Owner PerfectID: “With Palmki we can help football clubs to deliver more comfort to their loyal fans or VIP’s. They can create a fast lane where registered subscribers quickly get access to the game. They just scan their hand and the gate will give access automatically. In that way we give more comfort to the fans while the club needs less people for security at the entrance gates. Palmki can also be used as a high security solution which works much safer and faster than all other current applications.”

Palmki uses advanced vascular pattern recognition technology to confirm a person’s identity. Palmki offers a wide variety of services. Ranging from cashless & secure payments to access control in VIP-boxes. Palmki can become your newest team player to improve fan comfort while ensuring the safety of your club.

Installation is easy: the only thing you need is a registration unit, Palmki software and a Palmki sensor. That’s it. Furthermore, Palmki is completely GDPR compliant !