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Phivos Constantinides on steward formation and training during the ESSMA Safety & Security Workshop

ESSMA interviewed Phivos Constantinides, General Manager at GSP Stadium, during the Safety & Security Workshop in Dortmund about the importance of training stewards and how to motivate them. Furthermore, he gave insights about his presentation regarding steward training and formation at GSP Stadium, home of Cypriot First Division teams Apoel FC and AC Omonia.

What was the topic of your presentation during the Safety & Security Workshop here in Dortmund?

A first aspect was the importance of the safety, security and service integrated approach. Furthermore, I explained the cooperation between stewards and police in order to have the required result, a safe and secure stadium, as well as the difference on how and when they operate. Other subjects highlighted were steward training and involvement, matchday operations and the UEFA’s training programme. The UEFA training programme is implemented by most countries across the UEFA territory and has to deal with uniform training and the integrated approach which is needed.

Why is it so important to train stewards?

Stewards have to understand that they have to treat the fans as customers. They are part of the stadium experience and have to make it unforgettable for fans so that they want to come back to the stadium. If you make sure that this is part of their training programme and that they understand their role correctly, they’ll progress and ultimately optimise the stadium experience for fans. 

How do you retain your stewards and keep them satisfied?

First of all, it is important to pay them well. No exuberant amount of money, but make sure they feel they receive what they deserve. Secondly, stewards have to know that you, as a club, support them. When they have to take a decision and tell ‘no’ to someone, you have to support them. If they did a good job, you should tell them. Because if you support them, they will stay motivated. Furthermore, teamwork is important as well. They have to feel that they are part of a (successful) team so they feel valued. Stewards will then be more willing to put effort in their work, work more and have better results. 

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