Polo Sportivo e degli Eventi (PSE) in Cornaredo: Public tender for investors

The Municipality of the City of Lugano has resolved to proceed with the publication of the pre-qualification tender for investors interested in the realisation of the Sports and Events Centre in Cornaredo (PSE).

The invitation for investors to tender will allow the City of Lugano - owner of the land on which the structure will be built - to select suitable potential investors to act as private partners for the construction of the new PSE in Cornaredo in the form of a public-private partnership.

The City wants to create a structure that allows it to ensure:

  • local sports clubs have sufficient space to carry out individual and collective sports activities (sports hall, gyms, athletics facility);
  • competitive sports clubs have the site where the events are held in structures that meet the needs of the national federations (stadium and sports hall);
  • to the municipal administration the availability of modern and centralized logistic areas;
  • and, last but not least, the provision of areas for events of cantonal, national and international interest.

The tender is divided into three phases: the first, already approved by the Municipality, provides for the pre-qualification of groups of investors. In the second phase, competitors will be selected on the basis of suitability, references and a first preliminary financial offer. Finally, in the third stage, the investors selected in the previous stage will make a binding and final economic-financial offer on the basis of the indications determined by the terms of the tender.

The tender documents can be downloaded from www.lugano.ch/concorsi, after registering online. Applications must reach the Chancellery of the City of Lugano by 15 January 2019.