Preparing Puskas Arena for EURO 2020

As part of ESSMA’s Development & Construction Workshop Barnabas Szigethy - Project Director Puskas Arena - shared the process and preparations of Puskas Arena for EURO 2020. 



Bid for EURO 2012 and EURO 2020

The first plans to build a new stadium were announced in preparation for the Hungarian bid for EURO 2012 but only became feasible after winning the EURO 2020 bid. Construction of the new 67,000 capacity Puskas Arena, started in 2017 and should be completed by November 2019 when Hungary will play a friendly match against Uruguay. It will become the new home of the Hungarian national team and will be one of the twelve host venues during EURO 2020. The completely redeveloped venue will host three group stage matches and one quarter final. 


“The main reason of the reconstruction originated from the structural deficits of the old stadium, which was built in 1953. Surveys that were carried out during the design phase showed that the load bearing structure of the building was in such a bad condition that keeping it would be financially irrational, so we opted to construct a new stadium on the same site out of respect for the history and the atmosphere of the old stadium.” 


Design & facilities

The original design of the stadium included an elevated running track that overlooked the pitch and had city-skyline views. However, by the time of construction, the project scaled back the design to a concert- and football-focused venue. In the previous concept the building was designed to provide facilities for other types of sports, as well as a hotel and an office building. 

The venue is going to operate not only as a sports facility but also as a cultural centre with flexible conference and other event areas open for the public all year round. Facilities will include conference rooms, a restaurant and a fan shop while the tower part of the old building is going to be turned into a museum.

The stadium will also include new facilities to enhance the matchday experience including a quick and easy access control system as well as total Wi-Fi coverage. From an operating point of view, the highest quality digital signage, audio and sound, building monitoring and CCTV systems will be installed. In addition, there will be 84 skyboxes and other VIP areas for hospitality guests.


Access Mr. Szigethy’s presentation

Discover Puskas Arena during the ESSMA Summit

As part of the ESSMA Summit, ESSMA Members have the opportunity to visit Puskas Arena as an optional package. The Puskas Arena will be held on Monday 20 January 2020, one day prior to the ESSMA Summit. In addition to an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour, participants will enjoy an in-depth presentation about Puskas Arena and lots of networking opportunities.


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