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Want to know more about what exactly our Masterminds are and what the objective is? Read more about it here >>

In recent weeks, ESSMA hosted a series of Mastermind meetings dedicated to shaping our content plan for 2023-2024. Experts from across Europe actively participated in these sessions, delving into topics related to facility management. Their discussions will drive the focus of ESSMA in the upcoming months, culminating in the ESSMA Summit 2024 in Amsterdam. In this article we would like to take you along on our journey through this process. 

ESSMA research timeline: a new approach 

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Facility management: chosen topics  

Following the valuable feedback of our ESSMA Members and our mastermind group, in the months to come, we embark on a profound exploration of the following captivating subjects: 

  1. "Sustainable supply chain & operations":  
    Sustainability has become a key topic for stadium operators all around Europe. Stadiums are actively trying to reduce their carbon footprint and try to set an example for their fans to work towards a better tomorrow. But what does it mean to become “more sustainable”? Wich initiatives can you take that can have an impact on reducing your footprint? What can you do to encourage fans to be more sustainable? And what impact does all of this have on your supply chain?  
    Member feedback has shown that this is one of the most important topics to focus on in 2023, which we will do by conducting interviews with key experts in the industry. And with the best practices ultimately being presented during our ESSMA Summit in Amsterdam, providing you with a practical toolkit of sustainable initiatives that could be implemented in your club in the future!  

  1. "Stadium of the future": 
    What will the stadium of the future look like? What are the upcoming trends in terms of mobility, ticketing & access, inclusive design & hospitality? How will new technologies influence the fan experience? ESSMA will hold interactive discussions with some of the best architects in our industry (like IDOM, POPULOUS, SCAU, HOK, Snohetta, Origin...)  to answer these interesting questions and many more! You can already look forward to a lively panel debate at our ESSMA Summit in Amsterdam where, together with these architects, we will envision the stadium of the future. 

ESSMA content about facility management 

All the research will be incorporated into several content articles that will be launched on our website. These articles will be exclusively available to our ESSMA members.  

How can you contribute to make this research a success?  

  1. Participate in our Mastermind Group for Facility Management: 
    Our Mastermind group is still open for additional participants, feel free to reach out to Yari Van Minsel, research & intelligence manager of ESSMA to express your interest ( 

  1. Submission of cases: 
    Do you have an interesting case that fits within the topic of Sustainable Supply Chain’ or ‘Stadium of the future’? Than feel free to submit your case by emailing our research & intelligence manager Yari Van Minsel ( 

The next Mastermind session for Facility Management will take place on 21 June 2023. 

Want to know more about what exactly our Masterminds are and what the objective is? Read more about it here >>