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In recent weeks, ESSMA hosted a series of Mastermind meetings dedicated to shaping our content plan for 2023-2024. Experts from across Europe actively participated in these sessions, delving into the realms of Media & Commerce. Their discussions will drive the focus of ESSMA in the upcoming months, culminating in the ESSMA Summit 2024 in Amsterdam. Prepare to be captivated as we unveil the potential of these topics, taking you along on our journey through this transformative process. 

ESSMA research timeline: a new approach 

Media & commerce: chosen topics  

Following the valuable feedback of our ESSMA Members and our mastermind group, in the months to come, we embark on a profound exploration of the following captivating subjects: 

1. "Building a fanbase": 
> For our central theme, "Customer service", which takes the spotlight in the coming months, ESSMA has curated a dedicated survey to capture insights from European clubs and stadiums. To enrich this knowledge base, we will conduct in-depth interviews with industry experts who explain us all about how they have used the latest technologies combined with a strong marketing plan and club-developed content to support the best possible customer experience to grow their fanbase. These clubs provide the best ticketing, F&B, Merchandise, Memberships... everything needed to build a strong fanbase, which helps strengthen fan satisfaction (FSAT) and contributes towards ROI. their . An in-depth seminar will be organized during the Amsterdam Summit joined by two clubs perceived as the best in class in our industry, combined with a practical toolkit that you can translate towards your own organization and build your own customer service pyramid. 

2. "Centralising fan data":
> How do you collect data? How do you work with that fan data?How can you use fan data in cooperation with your partners? What ROI can you get from data campaigns? ESSMA will dive deeper into this topic throughout 2023 with interviews with stadiums & clubs who work very strongly with fan data. During the Amsterdam Summit, a ‘centralising fan data’-block is planned with a panel debate on this topic.  

3. "Monetising club content": 
> Clubs have become media companies. We are creating content in different formats 24/7. But how can you monetise club content and how can it strengthen your brand? ESSMA will further explore this topic in the coming months through interviews with stadiums & clubs who already have interesting insights and who can tell us more about the impact that it has on your club and on your fans. During the Amsterdam Summit, a ‘Monetising club content’-block is planned with presentations on this topic.   

4. "MICE business model: Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions”:
> Multi-purpose revenue management became more and more important over the last years. Therefore, alternative revenue streams are very valuable for clubs. How can you maximise non-matchday revenue streams? This topic will be further explored by us in the coming months with interviews with stadiums & clubs who have extensive experience in integrating this model. During the Amsterdam Summit, a MICE Business model club content’-block is planned with presentations on this topic.   

ESSMA Report – Customer Service 

Prepare to be captivated! All the groundbreaking research and remarkable outcomes will converge at the grand stage of the 2024 Summit at the Johan Cruijff Arena in Amsterdam. But there's more! Following this monumental event, we will unleash a comprehensive report that delves deep into these transformative topics. This report will only be available to ESSMA Members. 

ESSMA Customer Service survey 

In order to gather more valuable information from across the European Stadium Industry, we have launched the Customer Service Survey. Within this survey we aim to gather more information on how clubs provide the best possible experience, through different channels, to optimise ROI?  All data gathered from this survey will be kept anonymous and will be analyzed with the goal of creating a comprehensive benchmark report to inform our members and help improve stewarding operations across Europe. 

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How can you contribute to make this research a success?  

  1. Participate to our Survey via this link >>> 

  1. Participate in our Mastermind Group for Media & Commerce: Our Mastermind group is still open for additional participants, feel free to reach out to Yari Van Minsel, research & intelligence manager of ESSMA to express your interest (yari@essma.eu). 

  1. Submission of cases: Do you have an interesting case that fits within the topic of 'Costumer serice', ‘Fan Data’, ‘Club content’ or ‘MICE business model’? Then feel free to submit your case by emailing our research & intelligence manager Yari Van Minsel (yari@essma.eu). 

The next Mastermind session for Media & Commerce will take place on 21 June 2023. 
Want to know more about what exactly our Masterminds are and what the objective is? Read more about it here >>

Posted on 07/06/2023