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Pitch Management is an important research topic that ESSMA focuses on. With rapid technological changes and rising energy costs, we find that this topic needs a thorough analysis more than ever. Therefore, we have created a dedicated Mastermind group consisting of head grounds managers and members active in this department. We are happy to share an update of our interesting research in this article ahead of our Pitch Management Workshop in Leicester on 4 and 5 September. 

ESSMA research timeline  

Pitch Management: chosen topics  

Following the valuable feedback of our ESSMA Members and our mastermind group, in the months to come, we will create case studies on three relevant topics: 

  1. "Cost Efficient Pitch management": 
    With the effects of the subsequent energy crisis, (groundskeeping) clubs & stadiums have been put on a tight budget. They are facing the challenge of having to provide the same quality of pitch with less budget. We'll look at how clubs can find efficient ways to use the technologies and products on the market to intelligently and efficiently maximize the results.  

  1. "Sustainable Pitch Management": 
    With sustainability being one of the main topics for our industry and with an upcoming ban or limitation on the use of pesticides and herbicides, sustainable pitch management has become one of the key drivers. This topic covers the alternative use of organic methods of pitch management, using sustainable machinery and sustainable ways water usage and resource management.  

  1. "Training Center maintenance": 
    Whereas the stadium pitch is the most visible to the outside world, the training center pitches are the ones that are clearly the most used, under the most stress and therefore need the most maintenance. How does a modern grounds manager team efficiently maintain a professional training ground? What products and machinery are needed? And how do they incorporate data to deliver the best quality pitches and help prevent player injuries?  

ESSMA content about pitch management 

All the research will be incorporated into several content articles that will be launched towards our members. These articles will be exclusively available to our ESSMA members.  

How can you contribute to make this research a success?  

  1. Participate as head grounds manager in our Mastermind Group for Pitch Management: 
    Our Mastermind group is still open for additional participants, feel free to reach out to Yari Van Minsel, research & intelligence manager of ESSMA to express your interest (yari@essma.eu). 

  1. Submission of cases: 
    Do you have an interesting case that fits within the topic of Cost Efficient Pitch Management, Sustainable Pitch Management or Training Center Maintenance? Than feel free to submit your case by e-mailing our research & intelligence manager Yari Van Minsel (yari@essma.eu) so we can add them on the action list for 2023 – 2024. 

  1. Participate to our Pitch Seminar in Leicester:
    On September 4th – 5th we organise our annual Pitch Seminar in Leicester, home of the Leicester Football Club and Tigers Rugby. The given topics of sustainable pitch management and const efficient pitch management will be covered. And we will, obviously, visit the training center & Kingpower stadium of Leicester FC and the stadium of Tigers Rugby. More info & tickets for this event can be found here >>>

The next Mastermind session for Pitch Management will take place in July 2023. 

Want to know more about what exactly our Masterminds are and what the objective is? Read more about it here >> 



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