Puskás Arena: impressive plans came to live in 30 months’ time

ESSMA visited this new Hungarian stadium on its pre-Summit tour on Monday January 20th. The Puskás Arena is to replace the People’s Stadium, which was completely worn-out after 63 years of service. As ambitions for EURO 2020 grew, so did the need for a new stadium. The government decided to invest 470 million euro in a new stadium, which was approved to host 4 matches during the European Championship.

Spread out over 38 hectares, the new stadium is the largest public facility in Hungaria. The impressive pitch, accompanied by stands holding a 67,000 seating capacity and 85 skyboxes is definitely worth a visit. Our 85 visitors were impressed by look and feel of the stadium bowl, and the innovative techniques GrassMaster Solutions applied in pitch design drew their attention. 


Signify and d&b audio demonstrated possibilities with light and sound in the arena

The new stadium was set up to include the newest techniques in sound and light. In order to experience this, Signify (former Philips) and d&b audiotechnik gave a great demonstration to our participants, showing off the lighting capacity and 55 audio zones present in the building. 


Respect for history and surroundings

Situated at the location of the previous People’s Stadium, the development team wanted to withhold some of the element of the former venue. The small remaining part will serve as a museum of Hungarian football and Ferenc Puskas. As Puskas Arena was built in between railway station and residential area, they wanted to create added value for the surrounding inhabitants. That’s why the new arena is surrounded by a park, which will serve as a recreational zone for inhabitants and will host festivals and smaller performances.


Ambitions for multi-usage guarantee a profitable employment of the venue

With this stadium, the city  believes is will put itself on the map of outstanding sport cities.The new stadium marks the start of a new chapter in Hungarian football, 60 years after the glory days of Ferenc Puskas and the Mighty Magyars. Aside from hosting football events, the stadium will be a gap-filler on the market as a host for big music performances and other MICE-activities. A large hospitality venue of 2000 m2 has been installed to this goal.

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