Rafal Dmowski on the 'Legiony' loyalty programme of Legia Warsaw

ESSMA interviewed Rafal Dmowski, Marketing Director, about Legia Warsaw’s loyalty programme.The main objective of Legia Warsaw’s loyalty programme, Legiony, is to increase attendance on matchdays. Their ‘matchday’ fan base consists of 110,000 contacts, while their ‘newsletter’ fan base consists of 70,000 contacts.


Can you briefly explain the loyalty programme?

In 2015 we launched our loyalty programme, Legiony, with over 15,000 fans. As the roots of Legia Warsaw are linked to the army, we decided to implement it. Depending on how often fans visit the stadium, they get a military rank. Furthermore, there are additional rewards related to the ranks. So for fans, it’s worth to attend as many matches as possible to receive those “money can’t buy” rewards.

“The main objective of Legia Warsaw’s loyalty programme is to increase attendance on matchdays.“

How will you activate the loyalty programme?

From the 2018/2019 season, we will communicate daily with our fans to activate and inform our fans via social media, newsletters, our website, etc. Moreover, we plan to conduct surveys to learn how fans experience the programme, evaluate the results and if necessary adapt certain aspects. Fans which are part of the loyalty programme will receive updates on how many points they have earned after each game, how they can earn extra points, etc. 

What advice would you give to other clubs before implementing a loyalty programme?

I would advise other clubs to talk to their fans as they are the best source of information. Check with them what their expectations are, because perhaps they don’t feel the need for a dedicated loyalty programme.