Reimagine Football Challenges

Several football organizations like Johan Cruijff ArenA, KNVB, UEFA, City Football group and Ajax have joined forces again to tackle joint sustainability challenges in the football industry.

The organizations, united under the flag ‘Football Innovation Platform’, organize three innovation challenges per year. For the upcoming challenge, the organizations aim to reduce the carbon footprint of football games.

The question at hand: How can we minimize the carbon footprint of all travel movements around football matches, both professional as amateur level? has been launched last week. More information is available on

Reimagine Football

Companies can submit their solutions on an online platform. Members of the Football Innovation Platform will independently select and implement new solutions from the program.

As ESSMA supports the search for a more sustainable football industry, we welcome all stadium members to enter the platform and investigate submissions. As it is an open platform, you can easily engage with the solution providers, give feedback and ask questions to investigate whether it is suitable for your organization.

Companies are urged to post their solution will be visible as one of the first solutions to the participating organizations. It also helps us with kickstarting the challenge. And this will give you airtime with the entire football community as the platform is open to everyone and our experience teaches us that people follow challenge submissions closely.

The eventual goal is to bring the most promising solutions into football practice as quickly as possible. The platform can be used by the football community and other organizations to exchange knowledge and promote mutual cooperation.

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