Reimagining Stewarding: Insights from MoonShot's Matt Lynch

In our latest in-depth stadium industry interview, Matt Lynch, founder of MoonShot (a UK-based organisation) discussed with ESSMA his 7-year involvement in designing and developing staff engagement programs, primarily for sports and entertainment venues globally.

Moonshot collaborates with the National Football League, providing guest services at major events like the Super Bowl and European games, emphasising the importance of frontline staff in enhancing the fan journey. While currently focused on the US, Lynch hopes to expand MoonShot's impact in Europe.

Upon founding MoonShot after leaving Wembley Stadium, Matt Lynch urged a major UK governing organisation to change the negative perception of stewards in sports venues. He emphasised the need to redefine their role, suggesting a shift towards a more positive, engaging, and supportive image so they could be more purpose-driven and fan-focused.

Mr. Lynch advocated for stewards to be seen as contributors to the fan experience, fostering connections with fans and enhancing overall satisfaction. He highlighted the importance of staff being knowledgeable about the team and passionate about their role in creating positive moments for fans. He also pointed out that the sports environment is changing, emphasising the importance of not letting the 1% of disruptive fans overshadow the positive experience for the majority. He urged for careful promotion of steward roles, balancing the need to address disorder with creating memorable moments for fans attending iconic events. Mr. Lynch underscores the significance of steward training in managing diverse situations, from de-escalation to enhancing positive experiences that contribute to the venue's legacy.


During the interview, Mr. Lynch pointed out a paradigm shift in stewarding, urging a focus on purpose rather than just function. Drawing on his experience at Walt Disney World, he emphasises setting the tone for steward roles to be caretakers creating positive fan experiences. Lynch highlights the need for purpose-driven training to enhance fan engagement and improve retention among stewards.

He also underscores the significance of staff recognition, particularly in the NFL and major tournaments, highlighting the impact of working conditions on staff morale. He emphasises the need for welfare areas and recognition programs for frontline staff, noting the correlation between positive staff experiences and improved fan interactions, ultimately contributing to staff retention and enhancing overall fan and staff journeys. He suggests starting with low-cost, high-impact initiatives and long-term planning.

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