Returning safely to full stadiums with the keyper COVID-19 free pass!

During our third ESSMA Connect session, Andreas Kienbink from keyper walked us through the possibilities of their COVID-19 free pass. This Software As A Service -solution facilitates the new health accreditation protocols and allows a quick scan of COVID-19 test results.

One major parameter in the return of fans to stadiums is the fact that all attendees must be 100% known. That leads to the introduction of digital green passes, as the European Commission suggests. keyper has developed a solution with blockchain technology to on the one hand guarantees privacy as much as possible and on the other hand maximize the identification data. 

Within this application an attendee can easily upload his ticket and test result or vaccination status to speed up the admission process at the turnstile. 

"This innovation allows stadium operators to refocus again on their match day operations, instead of a complete focus on testing and admission." 

The procedure uses both rapid testing and PCR tests, is complementary to several entering systems, and stadiums can choose the time validity of tests to comply with their own regulations. 

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Third presentation in the ESSMA Connect series

Section Paloise recently received the French Fair Play for Planet label. Among other sustainable initiatives, Sylvain Caliman (Stadium Manager at Section Paloise) will share more about the 100% green and recyclable jersey of the French Rugby team. The jersey is made with the equivalent of 13 recycled 0.5L bottles.

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