Royal Antwerp FC’s phased renovation project

The 4-phase renovation project to deliver a modern stadium for Royal Antwerp FC started in 2017 and is currently in its second phase.

Renovation - Phase 1: New business stand

Royal Antwerp FC started the renovation project of their legendary Bosuilstadion in the summer of 2017. The first phase of the project included the complete reconstruction of RAFC’s main stand “Tribune 1”. The new stand has a capacity of 5,614 and features 3,268 business seats and a further 268 seats spread over its 17 loges. Furthermore it includes is high-end catering facilities, a club shop and a small museum.

Design of RAFC's new main stand

Renovation - Phase 2: New family stand

In the second (and current) phase of the renovation project, the old atrium complex of “Tribune 4” was demolished and will be replaced by a brand-new family-friendly stand. The new stand is scheduled to open in the summer of 2020 and will have the capacity to house around 7,500 fans. 

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Renovation - Phase 3 & 4: Future plans to enclose the whole stadium

The new “Tribune 4” will connect seamlessly with “Tribune 1”, as part of RAFC’s plan to enclose the whole stadium, it will also be connected to a revamped “Tribune 2” in the future. Fans who were housed in “Tribune 2” will be moved to the new “Tribune 4” in the upcoming season as the capacity of the stadium will remain stable at around 16,000. 

Phase 4 will focus on the renovation of “Tribune 2” - which will also feature standing places that can be converted into seats - and in a later stage the renovation of “Tribune 3” as they presented in their masterplan in September 2019. 

Once finished, Bosuil “2.0” will be a modern, completely enclosed stadium with 23,000 seats featuring all modern facilities necessary to host guests in today’s football. In the meantime, the club continues to work with fans and the local community (through surveys and a direct dialogue) to improve matchday experience.

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