Safety & Security e-workshop: full Q&A FC Tokyo

As we experienced technical problems during the Questions and Answers session from FC Tokyo during the workshop, we gladly present you this digital version.

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Q: How have you organized the ticket sales for matches with limited audience? Who was first to be able to obtain tickets?

Koji Ishii: Our first step was to compensate the season ticket holders once it became clear there would be a long-term impact on the season. At the moment matches with limited crowds became possible again, we offered the season ticket holders the tickets for the games first. They had 3 days time to decide, after that we went on to global sales.

Q: You mention using body temperature checking at access gates, this kind of testing is not foolproof but is still often used as a good indicator. What do you do with people who have a high body temperature?

Koji Ishii: Our protocol prescribes that visitors whose body temperature is elevated at the checkpoint should be separated from other visitors as soon as possible. We let them wait in a separate, well air-conditioned room for 5 – 10 minutes. After the waiting period, we measure the body temperature again. If he or she is under 37,5 ° C, it is OK to enter. It the temperature remains elevated; they can not enter the stadium and are strongly recommended to see a doctor or go to the hospital.

Up until now, we had no visitor we had to refuse based on body temperature.

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