SBV Excelscior’s plans for the future

More and more stadium projects, whether they are redevelopments or new constructions, are including an urban redevelopment of the surrounding area in their plans. At SBV Excelsior, they are going even one step further and are planning to build real estate on top of their current stadium. To learn more about the project, ESSMA interviewed Ferry De Haan, General Manager at SBV Excelsior.

An extract of the interview published in ESSMA's Stadium Development Report Issue 4 2020:

Why did the club opt to add residential units to the redevelopment project?

De Haan: First of all, the location of the stadium in Kralingen Oost lends itself for new real estate projects. In addition, the social and commercial development aspect is also very important. The overall picture of the project is very promising, not only for the club but also for the surrounding area.

What is the estimated budget for the total project?

De Haan: For the stadium part of the project, a budget of €20 million is estimated. An additional €100 million will be needed to develop the commercial part.

“With the new project, our main goal is not to increase the stadium capacity but to enhance the fan experience and offer our current fans a unique and memorable matchday.”

Can you elaborate on the timeline of the project?

De Haan: At the moment there are 3 possible parties researching the feasibility of the project. Given the current status, we aim to start with the construction by the summer of 2023. Most probably, the first phase will focus on creating new and larger spaces for our commercial partners as well as the further stadium upgrade. Followed by the real estate part of the project. According to our expectations, the project should be completed within two years, while the club continues to play its home matches at the stadium.

Read the full interview in SDR 4 2020