Sebastian Breuing, Head Groundsman SV Werder Bremen: “the ESSMA Pitch Workshop is a positive acknowledgement of the importance of our work”

Sebastian Breuing, Head Groundsman SV Werder Bremen, will take part in the ESSMA Pitch Management Workshop where he will share how they are tracking the weather at SV Werder Bremen.

Breuing started his career as Groundsman in Bochum and got promoted to Head Groundsman in 2006 (then being the youngest Head Groundsman in the Bundesliga). Since 2014, he is working as Head Groundsman at SV Werder Bremen.

What can ESSMA members expect from your presentation?

Essentially, a report on our experience with several systems (weather forecast station, thunderbolt warning, etc.) , learnings so far and ideas for future implementation. Weather – especially extreme weather – has a great influence on our work and there are a lot of weather events we cannot prevent to happen, but we can foresee it, learn how to deal with it and develop solutions for worst case scenarios. 

In addition, I will present some practical cases and examples:

  • Thunderbolt warning system: installed in Bremen at our training centre in the summer of 2017 as a pilot project supported by DFL/DFB, in order to:
    • Monitor storms and the risk of lightning strikes near the area, and to allow an early warning of players and people in the area
    • Generate (and evaluate) added value for the neighbourhood
  • New weather forecast station (installed at the beginning of 2018): collecting and using data in order to optimise measures and actions in pitch management

Why should ESSMA members take part in the Pitch Management Workshop and listen to (among others) your presentation?

The ESSMA Pitch Workshop is a valuable opportunity to meet up with colleagues, share experiences and knowledge, exchange learnings and discuss problems as well as looking at new trends and – in general – thinking out of the box. This workshop focuses on the pitch, which is the working surface of the players.

Weather can influence the output of our work in a massive way and therefore it is vital to think and talk about how to deal with it, how to prepare and look at different and “exotic” scenarios (grass diseases as well as weather events) which could become a reality for us soon. Being prepared for it and knowing who the experts with the necessary relevant experience are is crucial. Furthermore, ESSMA events, especially the pitch workshops, are a positive acknowledgement of the importance of our work. 

What is your experience of ESSMA events and why did you decide to speak during one of our workshops?

I joined ESSMA and have been active with the Association from the very beginning of its cooperation with the DFL. The idea behind ESSMA is positive and successful: connecting people in the field of pitch management, sharing experience and knowledge, focusing on pitch management and developing new ideas.

“Why you should be there? The world is getting closer, so we need to be there and be a part of it, to stay tuned and to know, what will come and who will have the necessary knowledge.“ 

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