Second new ExCo-member ESSMA: Frédéric Veraghaenne (RBFA)

ESSMA welcomes 3 new members to its executive committee: Arnaud Delpech (Paris Saint-Germain), Jon Babs (Tottenham Hotspur Stadium) and Frédéric Veraghaenne (Royal Belgian Football Association). We are happy to introduce them to you with a short interview in the coming weeks. The second new ExCo-member is Frédéric Veraghaenne of the Royal Belgian FA

Name: Frédéric VERAGHAENNE 
Position:HEAD OF PROXIMUS BASECAMP (National Football Centre)
Number of years working in club: 10 years

  1. How long have you been a member of ESSMA?
    I have been a member of ESSMA since 2015 and started attending the ESSMA Summit since 2016.
  2. What added value do you think ESSMA brings to the stadium industry?
    Certainly, the creation of a community with similar interests, and therefore a network of skills and experience that is important to be able to share in the face of our daily challenges.
  3. What do you think is the biggest challenge for the future in the stadium industry and how do you think ESSMA should address it?
    The challenge for the future is to develop our infrastructures in an environmentally friendly manner, as these standards will continue to evolve, while offering our fans the best possible conditions to enjoy the show. ESSMA can strengthen the range of skills offered to its members and enable everyone to find the answers to the questions we face in order to have the best and most innovative technologies.
  4. Important note for our readers? 
    For me, every stadium and infrastructure visit gives me a lot of interesting details to bring back to our national centre, and to see how to apply these ideas to best develop our infrastructure. The sum of all these years of visits can be found in many places in our national centre. I also remember all those moments of conviviality, exchange and sharing of information throughout these summits. Today I can measure the results in terms of the skills it has brought us in our daily lives.

'We are very happy to welcome these committed people. Their experience and knowledge will undoubtedly strengthen the functioning of our organisation with an even better service for our members,' said Ludwig Sneyers, managing director of ESSMA. 

More info about Frédéric Veraghaenne >>>

Posted on 03/05/2023