Service, safety & security with a focus on stewarding at Feyenoord Rotterdam

Bernard Gerritsma - Safety & Security Manager at Feyenoord Rotterdam - gave insights on Security Management Group, Feyenoord’s own security company, and the stewarding procedures at De Kuip during the ESSMA Summit in Porto.

Security Management Group

In 2003, Feyenoord set-up its own security department named Kuip Safety & Security. In 2011, they further professionalised the company and changed its name to Security Management Group (SMG), a 100% subsidiary company of Stadium Feijenoord. SMG is an allround security and service company with four disciplines: Event Security & Services, Traffic, Corporate Security and Education. They handle all safety and security assignments at Feyenoord as well as other (non-)football events such as festivals, concerts at Ziggo Dome and the start of the Giro.

SMG offers lots of educational opportunities towards its stewards including:

  • General Steward Course (UEFA and KNVB)
  • Event Security Officer (ESO)
  • Search Detect React Certification (SDR)
  • Spotter Certification
  • Pit training (body search)
  • CCTV training
  • First Aid Response Certification 

Stewarding at De Kuip

On matchdays, the stewarding responsibilities consists of:

  • Crowd Management 
  • Damage control of away section
  • Stewards in away section (line formation)
  • Access control system (ticketing, bag control and body search)
  • Mandatory supporter transport (auto, coach and train)

The stadium is divided into four main sectors to ensure a smooth organisation. Each sector has one main supervisor and a deputy supervisor to monitor and assist all stewards of that specific sector.

What we can learn from Bernard Gerritsma's presentation:

  • Constantly improve and further develop the training and certification opportunities for your stewards 
  • Make sure all stewards are aware of their own tasks and responsibilities
  • Divide the stadium into sections for a smooth organisation
  • Incidents will occur, try to learn from them and to avoid them in the future



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