SGSA and ESSMA renewed partnership focusses on safer sports experiences

Safety and security is one of the focus areas in stadium development. ESSMA will continue this focus as a stadium federation and even expand our horizon by partnering with SGSA, the United Kingdom Government’s expert body on sports grounds safety.

"The renewal and extension of our partnership with SGSA is an important step in broadening our research network. SGSA is a global leading expert on safety and security and we’re happy to integrate their expertise into our ecosystem. Together we will further raise the bar and improve the value of our research and publications" - Cyril De Greve, Managing Director ESSMA

The Sports Grounds Safety Authority (SGSA) is known for its “Green Guide”, the international recognised best practice guidance document for the safe design and management of sports grounds.

"We are delighted to be renewing our partnership with ESSMA. We look forward to sharing good practice and learning from the experience of other countries to help ensure spectators across Europe have a safe and enjoyable experience when watching live sport.” - Martin Henderson, Chief Executive SGSA

This partnership will support the continued growth of the safety and security expertise within ESSMA member organisation and contribute to SGSA’s expertise as a regulator of safety and expert body on sports grounds safety. The first steps include the combination of academic research across Europe and the development of a Europe-wide risk observatory to enable early identification of emerging issues.

As a result, we hope to generate more co-created relevant content for our members in the coming months and strengthen our reference position as stadium federation.

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