Stade du Hameau inaugurated with a game between Section Paloise and Union Bordeaux Bègles

Section Paloise inaugurated Stade du Hameau with a game against Union Bordeaux Bègles on 2 December.

Location:Pau, France
Club:Section Paloise et Pau FC
Redevelopment cost:€15.600.000


Stade du Hameau, originally built in 1948, got an increased capacity of 18,300 seats. Furthermore, an overall facilities refurbishment was needed. The total project cost was around €15.600.000. 

Both Section Paloise (Top 14 French Rugby) and Pau FC (France National – 3rd division) play their home games in the stadium.

Sylvain Caliman, Stadium Manager at Section Paloise, will share his insights about the new Stade du Hameau and the challenges of a new stadium project during the Stadium Development I Seminar on Day 2 of the ESSMA Summit.