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ESSMA will release an insightful report on stadium development trends in Europe. This report is based on a database containing 284 stadium development projects that have garnered media attention since 2018. Within this collection of data, ESSMA has identified several notable trends influencing the landscape of European sports and entertainment venues. Ahead of the full publication of the report including 20 highlighted development projects, we will share some insights with you on the trends derived from the database and over the course of 3 weeks we will discuss one of the highlighted projects in-depth. In this publication we present you the project of Stadio Riva, home of Cagliari Calcio.

Cagliari Calcio's Ambitious Leap: The Journey to the Stadio Riva

Cagliari Calcio, a club deeply ingrained in the hearts of Sardinians, is on the cusp of an extraordinary transformation. The club's long-time dream of a new home is becoming a reality with the construction of the Cagliari Arena, also known as the Stadio Riva. As they continue to play their home matches in the temporary Unipol Domus stadium, the anticipation for their new permanent home is palpable. As part of ESSMA’s publication of the ESSMA Stadium Development Database, we highlight 20 of the most exciting construction and renovation projects from around Europe. In this article we give you some more insights into one of those projects. Cagliari Calcio's remarkable journey towards the Cagliari Arena, a project that symbolizes their ambition and commitment to the future.

From Unipol Domus to the Stadio Riva: A Vision Takes Shape

Cagliari Calcio's recent history has seen them playing their home games in the Unipol Domus stadium. While functional, the Unipol Domus is a temporary facility with 16,400 seats that was constructed in just 4 months for a total sum of €8 million with the sole purpose of temporarily hosting the club while their new stadium is being built. As the Unipol Domus lacks the grandeur and permanence that a club like Cagliari deserves, it will be demolished after the club move into the Stadio Riva at the start of the 2025/26 season. The decision to invest in a new stadium, the Stadio Riva, represents a significant step forward in the club's evolution.

Stadio Riiva design: a reflection of the region and traditions

Designed to meet the highest standards of modern football stadiums, the Stadio Riva is set to become a true architectural gem. The stadium, which is named after the club's former player and three-time topscorer of the Serie A, Gigi Riva, is designed to hold approximately 25,000 fans. This more intimate setting promises to create a special atmosphere, bringing supporters closer to the action on the pitch.

One of the standout features of the Cagliari Arena is its innovative design, which takes inspiration from the beautiful island of Sardinia. The stadium's flowing lines and fluid shapes reflect the region's natural beauty, providing fans with a unique and visually striking experience. The stadium rests on a paved square, with a strong mineral component, which recalls the material and colours of the coast and Sardinian cliffs. The square rises from the sea inward, following the natural lines of the territory, and becomes a garden that covers the underlying complementary facilities and areas equipped for games and everyday sports practice with the typical Mediterranean vegetation.

Community Engagement and Sustainability

The Cagliari Arena is not just a stadium; it's a symbol of community engagement and sustainability. The club is committed to making the stadium a focal point for the local community, offering spaces for events, conferences, and cultural activities. This commitment extends to the nearby residential areas, where the club is involved in urban regeneration projects.

In 2018, Cagliari Calcio also involved the community by showcasing designs for the new stadium of 3 shortlisted consortiums in their Sardegna Arena for over 5,000 visitors, many of whom completed a specific online questionnaire. Through a series of quantitative and qualitative questions, it was possible to gather the opinions of the fans on the three shortlisted stadium concepts, with Sportium’s design not only winning public approval, but also being the singular stadium concept that passed the in-depth analysis of all applicable technical parameters and environmental impact assessments.

Sustainability is also at the forefront of the Stadio Riva’s design. The stadium incorporates environmentally friendly features, such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and energy-efficient technologies. It aims to achieve the highest sustainability certifications, reflecting Cagliari Calcio's dedication to a greener future.

A Bright Future Awaits

As Cagliari Calcio continues to play in the Unipol Domus, their supporters eagerly anticipate the move to the Stadio Riva. The new stadium represents a fresh start, a place where the club's rich history and bright future will intersect.

When the first match is played at the Stadio Riva, it will mark the beginning of a new era for Cagliari Calcio—one filled with excitement, pride, and a deep connection between the club and its passionate supporters. The Cagliari Arena is not just a stadium; it's the realization of a dream that will shape the future of football in Sardinia for generations to come.

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