Stadium Industry Updates - 02 July

FC Sion updates its stadium development plans, Tottenham Hotspurs awarded with sustainability certificate, Atletico Madrid set to receive a €70 million cash injection.... and much more in our latest stadium industry updates!

Credit: Fernandopascullo

FC Sion presented updated stadium plans 

Swiss Super League club FC Sion has unveiled updated plans for their new ‘Matterhorn Coliseum’. This project is a major aspect of ‘Sion 2030’. The new stadium is a multi-purpose venue that is designed to stage up to 60 events per year. The most interesting design choice is the construction of only 3 stands. The fourth will be taken up by a giant domed screen behind one of the goals. Additionally, one stand would consist almost entirely out of VIP boxes. The stadium will also feature a retractable roof.  

The Matterhorn Coliseum will have a capacity of around 15.000 and is estimated to cost €545.2m.  

Sustainability certificate awarded to Tottenham Hotspur by BSI 

Tottenham Hotspur received the ISO 20121 certification from the British Standard Institution (BSI). This is a standard for sustainable event management and is focused on social, economic and environmental impacts. The club said that the achievement is a key milestone in its aim to reach net zero by 2040.  

Atletico Madrid to receive a €70.7m cash injection 

A €70.7m capital injection is to be made by the General Assembly of the club. The member's approval was unanimously.  The money will be raised by issuing 378,352 new shares with a nominal value of €8.5 and with an issue premium of €178.60 per share, making a total of €70,789,659.20 at the rate of €187.10 per share. The Managing Director of the club, Miguel Ángel Gil, said: “We are working to achieve a balance between investment in infrastructure and maintaining a competitive workforce”. Atlético HoldCo, the club’s main shareholder, will contribute almost €50m.  

This news comes with no surprise after multiple Spanish media reports reported last month that the Atletico’s sports city project has now advanced to a point whereby the design and planning phase has been concluded. The goal is to have the new facility operational by the end of 2026. 

Plans unveiled for a new Real Betis stadium 

The plans for the new Real Betis’ Benito Villamarin Stadium have been presented by the Rafael de La-Hoz Architecture Studio. The renovated stadium will feature a new roof with integrated lighting and sound system, a new exterior, new dining areas, two new and larger video scoreboards and a new 400-seat auditorium with a two-story underground car park. Also, the VIP seating spots will be tripled. The stadium will be able to collect rainwater for irrigation in addition to other sustainability improvements. Accessibility has also been very important when designing the new stadium. After renovation, the stadium will have a capacity of 60,721.  

The Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance 2024 published 

The 33rd edition of the Deloitte Annual Review Football Finance has been published. This report analyses the business and finances of European professional football during last year's season. A few interesting findings from the report: 

  • The report concluded that the European football market grew last year by 16% to a new height of €35.3bn. Bundesliga and Serie A clubs reported the largest proportional revenue growth of 22%.  

  • The revenue in Women’s Super League clubs has also been increased by 50%.  

  • The increase of commercial revenue of clubs, increasing by €1.2 bn to €7.6bn. 

  • 88% increase in matchday revenue to €434m by Serie A clubs.  

  • £3.1bn in net debt for Premier League clubs, an increase of £473m. This is largely driven by funding for clubs’ new infrastructure projects.  

Plans approved for new fan zones around Southampton’s St May’s Stadium 

Southampton FC, recently promoted to the Premier League, received approval to develop new fan zones and big screens around St May’s Stadium. These fan zones will also feature a stage behind the Northam stand and other stage in addition to 15 food and drink stalls. There will also be a new 4G playing area outside the Chapel Stand. Parking space for cars will be reduced by 31 normal and 27 disabled spaces. The application included that the parking space for bicycles will be reduced from 157 to 66 but the permission included a condition that the overall cycling parking space should be increased before starting the development. 

“The creation of fan zones enables the club to attract fans, families and friends who have tickets in the respective stands to gather for sporting and other events, which could be used for this year’s events such as the Euros and the Paris Olympics.” 

Palmki provides palm scan technology for stadium entry at KAA Gent 

Starting next season, AA Gent will introduce an innovative system where fans can enter the stadium and make payments using just their palm. This optional system provided by  Palmki uses palm biometrics, distinct from fingerprints, and has already been tested on a small scale. With support from a VLAIO grant, the technology will now be rolled out more widely. Privacy experts from Ghent University are overseeing the project, and details on how interested fans can participate will be provided after the UEFA European Championship. 

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