Stadium Industry Updates 30 April 2024

Tottenham Hotspur Seeks Expansion of Non-Football Events, Inter Miami Inspired by Record Crowd at Gillette Stadium, FC Barcelona Partners with TK Elevator for Enhanced Mobility at Espai Barça, Villarreal CF Set to Launch Official Museum and much more in the latest Stadium Industry Updates!

 Tottenham Hotspur Seeks Expansion of Non-Football Events at Stadium

Tottenham Hotspur aims to increase the number of non-football events at its stadium, they wat to raise the limit from 16 to 30 major events per year, including concerts and other activities.

The club sees this expansion as crucial for enhancing the stadium's role in London's cultural scene and driving socio-economic benefits.

 The club's revenue has seen significant growth, with commercial revenues, including third-party events at the stadium, playing a significant role.

Major contributors to non-football revenue include NFL, boxing, rugby, and music concerts featuring artists like Beyonce and Red Hot Chili Peppers.

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Lionel Messi's Impact: Inter Miami Inspired by Record Crowd at Gillette Stadium

The recent Inter Miami CF match against the New England Revolution drew a record crowd of 65,612 fans at Gillette Stadium, creating an electrifying atmosphere.

Moreover, the fact that the match took place at Gillette Stadium, typically home to the New England Patriots of the NFL, adds another layer of significance. It demonstrates the crossover appeal of soccer in the United States, where football stadiums are increasingly being used to host high-profile MLS matches.

Lionel Messi's presence likely contributed to the massive turnout, showcasing the growing popularity of soccer in the United States and the crossover appeal of top-tier talent.

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FC Barcelona Partners with TK Elevator for Enhanced Mobility at Espai Barça

FC Barcelona has initiated a partnership program for its Espai Barça project, with TK Elevator being the first signee.

The five-season deal aims to enhance urban mobility at the revamped Spotify Camp Nou with 69 elevators and 78 escalators.

The incorporation of TK Elevator's mobility solutions aims to improve accessibility and sustainability within the complex. Both parties express enthusiasm for the project's progress and its impact on fan experience.

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Villarreal CF Set to Launch Official Museum: Villarreal Inmersion

Villarreal CF will open its official museum, Villarreal Inmersion, next month at Estadio de la Cerámica.

The interactive experience showcases the club's history and values, themed around its Yellow Submarine symbol.

Developed in collaboration with Mediapro Exhibitions, the museum is part of the stadium's renovation plan. Plans are also in place to turn it into a multi-purpose facility featuring leisure and restaurant spaces

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French Football Clubs Reduce Losses Amid Revenue Growth

French football clubs have managed to reduce losses while surpassing €2.6 billion in revenues.

Despite facing financial challenges, the clubs have seen an increase in total operating income, particularly from gate receipts, which rose by 18%.

However, despite these improvements, there are still net losses, albeit reduced by 53%. The report highlights the financial performance of clubs in Ligue 1 and Ligue 2, with details on revenue sources and areas of investment.

Additionally, it mentions key clubs and their contributions to gate receipts, emphasizing the importance of revenue diversification and financial sustainability in French football.

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Santiago Bernabéu Unveils Revolutionary 360-Degree Video Scoreboard

The Santiago Bernabéu has unveiled its revolutionary 360-degree video scoreboard in their Clásico match.

Developed by Daktronics, this seamless screen suspended from the roof encircles the entire pitch, a technical feat found only in two stadiums worldwide.

With a unique design featuring varying heights and an 8-degree inclination, the scoreboard offers an immersive experience for fans.

Additionally, ten large rear screens will provide content and information for spectators in the upper tiers of the stadium.

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Chicago Bears Unveil Ambitious Lakefront Stadium Plans

The Burnham Park Project proposes a new multipurpose stadium near Soldier Field, totaling $4.7 billion in investments.

The Chicago Bears aim to break ground in 2025, with completion in 2028. The stadium plan emphasizes year-round use for recreational and community events, featuring increased green space and recreational areas.

The project includes a commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, with partnerships to support workforce and community goals. Infrastructure improvements aim to enhance traffic circulation and event access.

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Advancements at Everton Stadium: Rail Seating and Infrastructure Developments

The Everton Stadium is progressing swiftly, with the installation of rail seating handrails underway..

Pitch preparations are ongoing, with work on barrel roof cladding and roof coverings nearing completion.

Inside the stadium, suspended ceilings are being fitted, and catering areas are being equipped. Outside, the Western Terrace and fan plaza are taking shape, with landscaping and tree planting in progress.

Historic railway lines are being installed in the plaza, marking progress toward the stadium's completion.

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