Stadium Intelligence Report 2021: all research highlights in one report

Over the past year, ESSMA gathered data on various topics, conducted many interviews and answered more than 100 strategic questions!

The most relevant insights and findings are gathered in this document, for you to discover and catch up with all evolutions in the stadium industry.

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Three must-read articles of the report

NFT: modern panini-stickers or a multi-million investment?

More and more clubs, both in football as in other sports, are starting a series of non-fungible tokens. Where is this trend coming from? Will it become a substantial part of sports experience or will it turn out to be a fling? 61% of fans are interested in digital collectibles, but what 3 requirements must be fulfilled for an NFT to be profitable? ESSMA investigated!

All or nothing? A closer look at the cooperation between football clubs and OTT platforms

One side-effect of COVID-19 is the acceleration of the creation of club content. But how to start? What collaborations are there and what constraints do you have to take into account? Read our article and find out!

Residential tower on each corner of the new stadium development of SBV Excelsior

With a capacity of 4,500, SVB Excelsior is currently one of the smallest stadium in dutch professional football. The new stadium aspires to become a year-round venue with newly created value streams, like housing facilities.
Discover the ambitions of the project in the report! 

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