Standard de Liège enhancing fan experience with the Selfez VOO feature

ESSMA interviewed Isabelle Henry, Marketing Manager at Standard de Liège, about the Selfez VOO feature in their app.


Can you provide more information about the Selfez VOO feature?

When opening the club app, fans can take a photo and have four possibilities to share them.  Firstly, they can send it directly to their social media channels. Secondly, they can share it on the LED boarding. Furthermore, there is the possibility to showcase their photo on the scoreboard as well. Lastly, fans can create a mobile postcard, supported by Bpost, to which they can add a personal message. A few days later, family/friends/etc. receive the mobile post card in the mailbox.
Since the launch in October 2017, approximately 4,000 selfies have been taken and 2,000 photos have been shared on our LED boarding and scoreboard during matchdays.” 

Why is it important to link online with offline actions?

By sending the postcards for example, it is nice to have something classic and tangible. By mixing online with offline, we are reaching more fans. In my opinion, it is not smart to only focus on the digital aspect and forget the offline side. However, digitalisation is growing and as a club we have to adapt our strategy and evolve with it.

Which are the lessons learned and what advice would you give?

After a launch, you should always analyse the results as soon as possible to know how the audience is reacting. Moreover, it is important to keep working on it, as the project will never be completely finished. Good communication is a must to make sure fans connect with the club. Provide your fans with enough information and if necessary adjust your communication to make sure that the launch is a success.

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